People I fangirl | Olivia Williams | 35-38/50

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Female Ass-Kickers Challenge 

Theme Four:  Humour

Dollhouse ~ Adelle DeWitt

- Yes, l think she’s…
- Mysterious, perhaps?
- But cold.
- Cold?
- Oh, yes. lt’s what they all discover in the end.

People I fangirl | Olivia Williams | 34/50

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People I fangirl | Olivia Williams | 33/50


Olivia Williams is Investigator Caroline Brentwood. From the Writer of TRAINING DAY and the Director of END OF WATCH. SABOTAGE : in theaters March 28th.


2014 3/19 Sam Worthington, Olivia Williams, David Ayer, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello attend ‘Sabotage’ Premieres in LA

→'Dollhouse' Alum to Co-Star in WGN America's 'Manhattan'