Olivia Williams | Portraits | Summer 2014 TCA // Cannes 2013

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People I fangirl | Olivia Williams | 43/50

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I love the way it ended. I mean, Joss legendarily starts to adapt your character as the series goes on to how you really are, and I started off as sort of a calculating bitch and ended up being rather motherly and a bit of an alcoholic, and I can’t think where he got that from [laughs].With Joss, you just have to trust to the mind that’s greater than yours, so yeah, I just gave myself over to the Whedon crazy brain. I didn’t have hopes or fears. I knew it would all be all right, because he was writing it.
Olivia Williams on Dollhouse (X);
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Dollhouse Rewatch | One Adelle Dewitt gifset per episode

1x04 - Gray Hour

'I'll tell you what I know about Alpha. You'll tell me how he did this and how we can keep him from ever doing it again.'

Maps to the Stars Cast Portrait | Toronto International Film Festival 2014 (9 Sep 2014)


∟ Robert Pattinson with Julianne Moore & Olivia Williams at MTTS photocal, September 9 2014


∟ “Maps to the Stars” cast, TIFF portraits 2014

 “There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.” 

Difficult Men & Complicated Women



At a moment when the discussion of cable dramas revolves largely around “difficult men,” one aspect of Manhattan I’m most proud of is that our show features so many strong women — both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Women were crucial to the success of the Manhattan Project, in a whole variety of ways, and we’ve really tried to reflect that in the makeup of our cast & crew. I checked, and all but one of our scripts for the first season pass the Bechdel Test. If we’re lucky enough to earn a season two, we’ll get that figure up to 100%, so help me God.

Chief among the amazing women in our sprawling ensemble cast is Olivia Williams as Liza Winter. Liza is brilliant (she holds a PhD in botany), funny, forceful, moral, and, yes, occasionally difficult — though I know firsthand that that word doesn’t sound as positive when it’s describing a woman… How about we call her “complicated”?

Sam and I have loved Olivia ever since Rushmore, and we were gobsmacked by her performance as a mercurial ex-British-First-Lady in The Ghost Writer. As soon as Sam wrote the first draft of the first episode of Manhattan (many years ago!), we looked at each other and said: “Liza is Olivia.” And as the script underwent revision after revision, it was her fierce intelligence, wit, and humanity that helped shape the character Liza became. We never could picture another actor in the role. The day Olivia signed on, after a brief but intense courtship on Sam’s part, was in some ways the most surreal day in this yearlong process of watching a dream come to life.

This photo was taken by our set photographer, Greg Peters, while we were filming a big Liza scene for episode 12. It’s one of my favorite scenes of the season — certainly one that I feel most proud of having written. And Olivia is so good in it that I found I had to stop myself from applauding after nearly every take. (Turns out directors don’t like you to do that.) I’d tell you more, but… spoilers. Stay tuned!